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As an individual, we will provide you with the best of the best in terms of learning, education, support and alumni to drive your career in the direction you choose. As an employer, we will train and inspire your next generation of employees, ensuring you have the perfect mix of hard and soft skills to suit your culture.

Shape the Future of Education and Learning in Virtual Worlds with Virtual Reality

Tech & Science educators Credersi and 3D tech innovators PixelMax are two of Manchester’s ‘Silicon City’ tech disruptors who are at the forefront of redefining a world in which students and those in adult education shape their learning of the future in a virtual campus world, complete with shops, cinemas, art galleries, wellbeing rooms, food and coffee shops by using immersive VR and AR technologies.

The Credersi Science & Tech Campus is an immersive experience with its own real estate. Delegates enter the concourse and will be able to delve into different learning pods relevant to their courses. Various boulevards line the tech estate, which engage with the delegates at all levels providing breakout rooms, shops, cinemas, art galleries, oceanic aquariums, as well as virtual banks and even wellbeing counsellors.

The Credersi Science & Tech Campus launching in Q4 of 2021

Science & Health

Credersi’s Lab Technician course is changing the game in the Lab Tech world by bringing the tech into the lab. Virtual-reality meets Lab Technician.

As a Credersi Lab Technician, you will be learning from Industry-Leading experts, using cutting-edge technology and equipment to give you the tools to perform your duties to the highest standard.

You will be working at the forefront of science & technology; providing technical support, logical thinking, problem solving and looking at innovative & creative ways to improve your business.

Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation are at the centre of our DNA. We deliver expertly designed and delivered technology focused training courses. Working tirelessly with students, employers and government bodies alike to develop the worlds best course curriculums.

Key Courses include:


Software Testing

Data Science and Architecture

VR / Gaming focused Software Design and Engineering (coming soon)

Business & Leadership

Training the business leaders of the future. We design and deliver best in class, multi disciplined, training courses enabling junior and experienced students to learn from us, learn from leading institutions and learn from each other.

Brilliant for Employers

Do you want to Credersify your current colleagues or future  employees? We put quality over quantity and only run a specific set of students through our training courses We do not aim for mass education and overloaded courses. We have a single unending desire to deliver an experience our graduates will be proud to talk about. We take the core learning outcomes defined by government and industry experts and drive to deliver twice as much.

Believe in yourself.

Why Learn with Credersi

We deliver next generation training on behalf of individuals, organisations or government departments. Utilising expert industry experienced instructors, innovative training technologies and platforms and the very best remote and classroom based facilities – We are Credersi.

We teach skills, we provide experience, we give you belief.



We provide assessments and accreditation schemes for a number of leading technologies, skills and practices.

If you haven’t sat an assessment or accreditation before, we have preparation on hand.


We regularly review our content with industry leaders to make sure our content is first-class and industry-relevant. Feedback from our students, our clients and businesses drive our curriculum forward.


You don’t need to be an academic genius to develop a career in science and laboratory research. From specialist training to a full 12 week bootcamp, Credersi will instil in you all the skills required to embark on a career that will excite and inspire you.

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