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We exist to enable individuals to believe in themselves…

cre•der•si /v [1] Italian verb translated into the English written word as “to believe“. To feel sure of the truth. [2] to believe, [in oneself], to have confidence that an individual, through self application, can become better, to realise aspiration and ambition.

– DERIVATIVES  cre•der•si•fy /v [1] to become exceptional, surpass ones own expectatins. [2] to enhance a product or service to become world class, best of the best, [3] ‘credersifying’ yourself, your product or your service to the top.

When Harry met Sally…

Well, not exactly Harry and Sally. But the Story of Credersi began in early 2020 when a leading [ex] CEO of a technology training company had a chance encoutner with an industry leading techology exec.

The conversation quickly turned into a joint therapy session. The tech training provider explaining his desire to deliver exceptional training services, yet being held back [by lots of things], and the tech leader airing his frustration at the lack of entry level tech talent available to them.

It was at this point that Credersi was conceived. The company then spent over 12 months in meticulous product design and service planning, to ensure that when launched, we could not just deliver courses from an innovative totally immersive training platform, but also deliver an outstanding and industry relevant curriculum via an extremely high class, high touch level of personal instruction.

Today, with all the key foundations, infrastructure, technology, staff and wave 1 set of courses in place, Credersi is delivering 5th generation training and education courses around the globe – in not only technology but also across science, laboratory and business.


Our Team

Andy Lord

Founder and CEO

Darren Coomer


Rachael Burns

Operations Director

Jacob Reilly-Cooper

Product Director

Sophie Duncan

EA to Directors

Thea Lee


If you’d like to learn more, join us, train with us, send your people to train with us, or even use us to build a new curriculum, certification or training course for your products or technologies – lets chat