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Lab Technician Bootcamp

Scientist’s spend years studying and training to become the brilliant BioScientists, Chemists and Physicist’s that they are. How can we train someone in just 8 weeks? Well, we can’t teach the same level of theory but we can give people the building blocks and skills to be brilliant Lab Technicians from day 1 and inspire them to start their careers in science.

Credersi is a Lab Technician Training Academy, we are a passionate about people. Our mission is to create a pathway for more people to be able to access a career in science, we believe our 8 week bootcamp is a great way for people to realise their scientific potential. We are bringing the tech back into the lab and training Lab Technicians using remote technology, our training platform is totally immersive, promoting curiosity lead learning and accelerating an individuals knowledge and ability.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum has been built by businesses for businesses. We know that being a Lab Technician is no longer about setting up and cleaning equipment. Lab techs are working on multi million pound projects and are critical for the running of a successful lab.

The days of a junior scientists completing mundane tasks are gone. The scientists of the future are obsessed with solving problems and passionate about sharing their scientific knowledge with people. Our teaching methods are tailored to embed these behaviours and empower people to think like the scientists of the future.

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